NBA Trade Rumors: Could the L.A. Lakers Start Trading If Slump Continues?

The Los Angeles Lakers have recently broken out of their slump in commanding fashion, winning their fifth game in a row and destroying the Cleveland Cavaliers 112-57. It was a game so dominant that the Lakers set several franchise records, even giving the Cavs a new one along the way.

All that being said, I'm not convinced that the Lakers have seen the last of their slumping ways. Its one thing to take out your frustrations on a captain-less ship; it's quite another achievement to have a quality win over one of the league's best. Let's not forget that just six games ago the Lakers had been taking a very lackluster attitude into their games. I'm not saying that a change is impossible, but six games is not enough time to convince me that they now are in the mindset of a champion.

Make no mistake that if the Lakers go back to their careless ways, the slump will continue. They have a brutal schedule ahead and will face the Thunder, Mavericks, Nuggets, and Celtics all within the next nine games. Let's also assume that the Clippers will give them a reasonable fight as well, because they certainly want their shot at the defending champions just like anyone else. So what happens if most of these big matchups end in the loss column?

It's not inconceivable that the Lakers make a trade if it looks like they are lacking against the NBA's elite. I wouldn't guess that it would be a blockbuster, but dealing a player like Artest or Blake, maybe Luke Walton, in order to get back another quality contributor wouldn't surprise me in the least. These players are not exactly on the Lakers "untouchable" list" and would serve as good trade fodder for a reasonable deal. (especially Luke Walton)

The big question to think about now is whether a trade would be good for the Los Angeles Lakers if they kept on slumping?

After much consideration, my answer would have to be no. A small move would not be devastating, but this group ha...

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