NBA Trade Rumors: Could Carmelo Anthony To the LA Lakers Happen?

NBA free agency and the offseason is a time for dreamers, and in the case of the Miami Heat, those dreams sometimes materialize into reality, as well as open possibilities which may not have existed before.

Before LeBron James signed his name on the dotted line and cemented a concentration of stars in Miami, few observers felt the odds of it transpiring was real. But in the wake of that historic move, thoughts shift to other potential superstar pairings.

Much of the talk recently has centered around Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and the various teams who could be in the running for each of the superstar's abilities.

The New York Knicks have dominated the conversation in regards to where Anthony may wind up, but if the Los Angeles Lakers are smart, they will recognize the opportunity that may have presented itself.

Anthony will be an unrestricted free agent next season, and if his championship ambitions are the same as James', he should give the Lakers a long, hard look before thinking about the big apple.

Most observers feel the Heat will eventually be the center of the basketball universe, and since it's unlikely Anthony can join that trio, he should consider the only team that stands between Miami and complete league domination, the Lakers.

If Anthony decided to join the Knicks, he would run the risk of being a perennial doormat to Miami. However, if he chose to take his talents to Los Angeles, he could be a part of something which would be every bit as special as the Heat's trio.

Of course this is only speculation and many may consider the idea of Anthony joining the Lakers implausible, but the history of the franchise and their current situation does leave a small window of possibility.

Los Angeles has long been a premier destination for the NBA's superstars, and a good bit of the Lakers' championship legacy has been formed by players who chose to ditch their teams in ...

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