NBA Trade Rumors: Chris Paul A Laker? Possibility of a “Big 3” in LA.

A shameless title for this story? I concede. It's worded in such a way that might lead the audience to believe that Chris Paul may end up wearing purple and gold. He won't.  Chris Paul has a snowball's chance in South Beach of ending up in Los Angeles.

So, what's the big deal? Everyone's writing rosterbation-esque fantasy articles these days. I'm simply following the crowd. I'm going with the flow. "Follow the leader" does, in fact, seem to be the flavor of the month. It's "en vogue".

Lack of leadership might seem to be a natural segue to roasting LeBron James. It's not. I will mention briefly however, that this process was initiated by James, and facilitated by Dan Gilbert. He held a nation captive during his whirlwind free agency tour. It was a spectacle. He educated. Others listened.

One such pupil was paying attention. A long-time friend of the "King," Chris Paul recognized the precedent set by James could change the way the league operates. The Players now "wear the pants." As details followed of how team owners pandered to James' every will (in an attempt to woo the star), CP3 took notes. He too wants to follow the leader. He wants to cash in on this power play. He wants out of New Orleans. Now.

Of the desired destinations mentioned by Paul during his trade demand, the Lake-Show was near the top. Apparently, he would be willing to play for the two-time defending world champions.

You don't say. 

Unfortunately for Paul and Laker Nation, you just don't get something for nothing. Long gone are the days when you could purchase... say... Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Minnesota, plus North and South Dakota for 15 million U.S. dollars. The Los Angeles Lakers would need to part with something substantial to acquire such a talent. Too much.

A quick scan at the Lakers' assets narrows the search.

Kobe is more untouchable than John Dillinger and P...

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