NBA Trade Rumors: Best Move for the Los Angeles Lakers Is No Move at All

Recently I have been disparaged for my belief the Los Angeles Lakers should forgo involvement in NBA trade activities and focus on continuing their bid for a repeat with the roster they have.

Although the counterpoints to my opinion have been delivered in an intelligent but fierce manner, I choose to stand on my faith through the strength of lessons the past has left for us.

Anyone familiar with the organization is aware that the Lakers were constructed by Mitch Kupchak and Phil Jackson, with winning championships and consistently being competitive as the primary focus.

Los Angeles has a superstar in Kobe Bryant as the alpha and omega piece,and he is surrounded by talented players with playoff experience who have performed their best when the need has been greatest.

Pau Gasol is a star in his own right and his intelligence and versatility in the post complement's Bryant's play on the perimeter. Gasol and Bryant give the Lakers one of the more formidable 1-2 threats in the NBA.

But it doesn't end there. There is a wealth of talent spread throughout the roster, like Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, and Ron Artest, all players who are capable of contributing on both ends of the floor.

The bench has been criticized, but it is the same bench which came through for the Lakers in the playoffs last year. It's also this same unit that is starting to show signs of cohesion now.

Shannon Brown has shown enormous growth since his playing time has increased, and Jordan Farmar is finally becoming comfortable with his role on the team. Paired with Brown, they serve as a potent spark off the bench.

The Lakers have some issues with chemistry and complacency, but the attitude is familiar and the chemistry issues can be assumed by Jackson, a coach who has turned strong personalities and dysfunctional players into multiple champions.

He is cognizant of what type ...

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