NBA Trade Deadline: Lakers Stronger Despite Losing Fan-Favorite Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher is no longer part of the Los Angeles Lakers, meaning the incoming pieces have a great deal to live up to. 

First, the important aspects to a wild Thursday that ended with one Lakers star being sent packing and a young guard with pick-and-roll sensibilities coming in. 

Here is a breakdown of the trades that affected the Purple and Gold at trade deadline time. Via ESPN. 


Trade 1

Lakers trade: Derek Fisher and 2012 first-round pick to Houston Rockets.

Lakers receive Jordan Hill.


Trade 2

Lakers Trade: Luke Walton, Jason Kapono and Lakers' 2012 first-round pick (Right to swap Heat's 2013 first-round pick with Lakers' first-rounder) to Cleveland Cavaliers.

Lakers Receive: Ramon Sessions, Christian Eyenga.



The Lakers get two crucial upgrades in places they need it most. They may still lack an upgrade at small forward, but they get a big man coming off the bench that will ease the burden on Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. 

They also get a point guard that is a boost in athleticism and offensive production in the way of Ramon Sessions. 

The day would have been a real treat had they pried away Michael Beasley, answering every last issue in one fell swoop. 

Derek Fisher was a ghost of his former self and running a stagnant offense at times. Sessions may not be the marquee name Lakers fans craved, but he can run the ball far better at this point in his career and gives the Lakers a dynamite pick-and-roll operative. 

Jordan Hill isn't a superstar by any means either, but he is an upgrade to the slop that was coming off the bench prior to the trade. 

Far less Troy Murphy is a good thing. 

The rotations are a tad deeper and ...

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