NBA Trade Deadline 2012: Who Made All the Right Moves…and Who Didn’t?

Team GMs seemed to take it light this year and not gamble too much with their respective teams. Some teams made moves to get better, while others seemed to make move out of duress. At the end of the day, you have to make make changes in order to get to the next level, or hope that staying still pays off and your team just starts to play better. Let's explore whether or not certain teams made all the right moves.  


The Washington Wizards made the right move:

Nenê has been traded to the Washington Wizards for young center JaVale McGee, and it's clear that the Denver Nuggets didn't want to wait for Nenê to become the player who warranted the monster contract they gave him. The Wizards now have a offensive-oriented player who can do plenty on that end of the floor. In addition, Brian Cook gives them a stretch four who can help as a backup. 

Nenê provides his new team with a strong interior post man who can rebound, block a few shots and run the floor. Will Nenê defend better and be more dominant in the East?—that's what the Wizards are hoping for. The may have lost shooting guard Nick Young in the process, but he can be replaced.  


Denver made the wrong move:

Yes, Nenê has not played up to the full potential they saw in years past, and one can hardly blame the Nuggets for ridding themselves of 60 million-plus dollars and opting for the younger McGee, as they get ready to add Wilson Chandler back to the team. 

In McGee, they have a high-flying big man who is hit-or-miss in games and very inconsistent. If he does play decently, does Denver even want to match when another team comes along an offers him more than his worth? So in the end, this trade might become Nenê for Ronny Turiaf and that is not a good thing. 


The Clippers made the right move:

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