NBA: The Top Five Power Forwards in the Game Today

The Power Forward is one of the most deepest positions in the league in the last 10 years speaking and currently as well.The meaning of a player from this position is huge These guys play inside the post,do the dirty work down low,block shot.That's in short is the definition of a PF.Looking through the league's history,there have been many all time great players from the position such as:Bob Pettit 50's,Elvin Hayes 70's,Kevin McHale 80's,Charles Barkley,Karl Malone 90's... You cannot count the generation of 00's big guys in Tim Duncan,Kevin Garnett and Dirk Nowitzki,which IMO includes the best ever from this spot(Duncan),the most agressive player(KG) and the greatest big man shooter(Dirk) who all have revulunaized the game in many ways The meaning is really important because each championship team in the decade had atleast 1 great PF,for example the Spurs have Timmy,the Celtics KG,the Pistons Sheed,Lakers Gasol etc Here are my ranks of the best Power Forwards based on perfomances in the regular and post seasonBegin Slideshow


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