NBA: The Top Five Championship Contenders

1. L.A Lakers

It looked like the Lakers were back on track after winning seven games straight (against quality teams, too) until their loss to the Thunder.

However, they still look unstoppable because they are playing team ball with the assistance of facilitator Kobe Bryant.  

They are definitely the most dangerous team come playoff time. The Lakers defense was suffocating against the Spurs in the second half and Ron Artest especially has found a rhythm on defense.

The only slight concern for the Lakers is the way Andrew Bynum will comeback from his injured Achilles. Bynum hasn't played well in the playoffs his whole career with an average of five points. On the bright side Odom is playing well in Bynum's absence which is no surprise.


2. Cavaliers

The Cavaliers are having another crazy regular season with a record of 57-15. LeBron James is in the zone right now, controlling the game on the offensive end and the defensive end.

Mo Williams is the key to the Cavs success. He struggled last year in the playoffs shooting 40 percent from the field.

The Cavs are behind the Lakers because the Lakers have momentum and more experience. The Cavs are also behind the Lakers because of how unpredictable they are in the playoffs.

3. Orlando Magic

The Magic are very talented and streaky. If Dwight Howard can get his act together they will be dangerous during the playoffs. I know Dwight got 24 boards the other night, but he needs to develop a post game.

The Magic aren't intimidated by any team in the NBA.  The Magic are under the radar, but are still a team to look out for. The X-factor for the Magic is Vince Carter because he is capable of doing so much but doesn't always play to his ability.


4. Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets are a better ma...

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