NBA: The Top 10 Celebrities Who Can Replace Jack Nicholson As LA Laker Fan No. 1

With the new NBA 2010-2011 season upon us and the Los Angeles Lakers embarking on a three-peat quest, I wanted to check-in on the Lakers' No. 1 Fan: Jack Nicholson. Might this be a last run for him as well as Phil Jackson?

Jack Nicholson isn’t getting any younger. How many more seasons does he have in him? It raises the real and fun question: Who’s the next Jack? And, why should the torch be passed to this new person?

Besides longtime Lakers announcer Chick Hearn, Jack Nicholson is the enduring face of the Lakers. It seems he’s been there as long as the Lakers have been in LA. And it is almost true. Most Lakers’ fans barely have a small clue how much Jack loves the game and his beloved Lakers. But nobody realizes what a diehard sports-junkie this guy really is.

But Jack won’t be around forever. So, I wanted to take a look at what celebs would be in the running to take up the torch—take the pass, so to speak—from Jack, as the Lakers’ No. 1 fan.

It’s not an easy title to grab. We’re talking about big shoes to fill, if that is even possible. It might really be like replacing Chick Hearn. I’m not really sure it can be done. It is possible that when Jack is done, no one will ever match up. I believe it can’t be done.  

But at least we can give it a shot. Before I start with the top 10 who are in the running, I want to outline some criteria of the key traits I’m looking for. 

These areas all come from what I see Jack possessing. The criteria are:

1. Star power. Look, Jack is a multiple time Academy Award-winning actor. He’s a major star, gets paid massive dough and can really act. Anyone see The Shining? He’s “A” list Hollywood. Any real replacement would need to be at or near Jack’s level.

2. Dedication. Jack is at nearly every home game. This goes for the dog d...

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