NBA: The Lethargic and Lazy Los Angeles Lakers

Well, I‘ve finally come to the realization that the Los Angeles Lakers think they are in the Twilight Zone.

Only this time, the episode is titled “Will the Real Los Angeles Lakers Please Stand Up.”

These are not the same Lakers I’ve seen the past few seasons, the fans on the forums are right, these guys are the Fakers. Simply put, the Lakers lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers, not San Antonio, Boston, Chicago or even the spineless Miami Heat.

That is the the same Cavs team the Lakers throttled by 55, and the same team the Wizards beat for their first road win after 25 attempts.

They simply didn’t show up to play. If you’re a fan of basketball, how many times will you tolerate that statement? These guys are multi-millionaires who get paid to play for a living, and not showing up to play a game is not acceptable.

There are many things wrong with this team, but let’s start with rebounding.

I’ve never seen a team with such poor fundamentals in my life.

A shooter bricks a jumper, and either Pau Gasol or Lamar Odom will go up with one hand for a rebound. Are you serious? One hand. Just because you’re 7 feet tall (or in Odom’s case 6-10), it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to jump.

Secondly, these guys won’t box out. We saw this sickening scene against San Antonio a few weeks ago. The team gives a great team like San Antonio four chances to score. What ended up being the winning last play of the game for the Spurs, Odom refused to box out and allowed Antonio McDyess to score an easy tip-in.

It’s a shame Gasol wasted a great performance against the useless Cavs.

How come he can’t step up like that against Miami, Boston or Orlando?

Is he afraid of Dwight Howard? Yes. Is afraid of Kevin Garnett? Yes. Is he afraid of Chris Bosh? Well, okay you get my point.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers