NBA Summer: Warning! Laker Kobe Bryant Is Recharging His Batteries

Just the other day, Kobe Bryant appeared on a segment of Rome is Burning, the ESPN show with Jim Rome. However, what made the visit interesting was that Rome wasn’t hosting. 

The guest host for the day was none other than Los Angeles Lakers point guard, Derek Fisher.

So DFish scored the interview, getting his buddy, running mate, and teammate to appear. It was definitely a nice treat for both Laker fans and haters.

The video is below but I’ll highlight the major takeaways and comments to read between the lines, so to speak, from the clip.



What makes this summer so different than in years past for Kobe is that he isn’t playing basketball. He’s been able to truly get some rest and “recharge the batteries” as he calls it.

It’s a good thing because the list of injuries on Kobe’s body last year looked like a team injury report, not one player.

Earlier this summer, Kobe had knee surgery on his bum right knee, the one that limited his lift for nearly half of last season. This was only one of the key injuries the superstar endured on the run to the title. 

Kobe also broke the index finger to his shooting hand, which was the nagging injury of all injuries. Kobe not only played in pain but had to significantly adjust his shot to compensate for the finger.

Lastly, Kobe had a sore ankle after rolling it in a game last February. Remember, he even had to sit out some Lakers games as well as missing the All-Star game. While the other injuries limited his full potential, the ankle actually cost him games.

The key aspect of the battery recharge is that Kobe was not even close to full strength last season. He was a shadow of himself, yet still carried the team to the title. A well rested and healthy Kobe is the No. 1 key component for a three-peat. 


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