NBA Stock Report: The Top Eight Teams and Where They Stand

Pressure is mounting for the eight teams trying to secure home court advantage in the first round of the NBA playoffs, and the response in the final few weeks of the regular season will likely impact the postseason. The identity of the final eight teams may be settled, but the race for positioning among some will be fast and fierce, as less than a game separate some teams in the standings. In the East Boston and Atlanta are each within a half game of the third seed, while Denver, Dallas, and Utah are locked in a strggle for the second seed in the West, and are separated by the same margin. The final weeks of the regular season are vastly important because teams are likely to carry positive momentum over to the postseason. But first, momentum must be established, and the only way for that to occur is to confront the pressure of the playoff chase head-first. Already some teams are beginning to show cracks from the weight of pressure, while others are rising to meet the challenge. We are entering the last days of the NBA regular season of 2009-10 and if these eight teams wish to continue playing into June, their journey begins now. All rankings are based on current NBA standings, but are subject to change as the season dwindles down. Feel free to comment on the future direction of each team and whether or not they will maintain their playoff seeding. Please enjoy.Begin Slideshow


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