NBA Stock Report: The Top Eight Teams and Where They Stand

The seedings for the NBA playoffs are far from settled, but the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers are doing their best to remove any doubt from their positions. Current six-game winning streaks by each team have created a gap in their respective conferences which will be difficult, if not impossible, for any of the teams chasing them to bridge. The drama lies in positions 3-8, and this week's version of NBA Stock Report is a reflection of that as all of the teams after Los Angeles and Cleveland are separated by only two games. In the East, Boston and Atlanta have identical records but the Hawks hold a tie-breaker over the Celtics due to their sweep of the season series. In the West, the difference in the second and third seed is only one half game, as Dallas and Denver are engaged in a battle of wills, which will likely come down to the final day of the regular season. The eight teams on this list share a total of five losses between them in the past week, a possible indication of how much value is placed on the final couple weeks of the regular season. We are entering the final leg of an 82-game journey, and the action from here on out promises to be tense and filled with pressure, with teams' postseason hopes depending on if they can hold on to home court advantage. All rankings are based on the current NBA standings, but due to the stakes of chase some of these spots are sure to change before the final regular season horn is sounded. Feel free to comment about the future prospects of each team on the list and whether their position will hold or shift before the regular season comes to a close. Please enjoy.Begin Slideshow


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