NBA Stock Report: The Top Eight Teams And Where They Stand

The first full week since the All-Star break coincided with some of the biggest developments yet in the NBA Stock Report, as several teams saw their stock plummet or rise. The NBA trade deadline also had a secondary effect for teams like Cleveland and Dallas which saw mixed results as the only teams among the top eight to make any major roster moves. Dallas reaped the benefits of their deal which landed Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood, while Cleveland has yet to win a game with newcomer Antawn Jamison in the fold. For sure the drama has increased as the best teams in the league struggle to maintain position, or possibly increase their seeding for the postseason. The games have began to increase in intensity as each contest involving potential postseason teams began to take the shape of heavyweight battles for the playoffs. This time of year is not for the meek, and the small disparity between the top teams in the league reflect that as only a small number of games separate the top team in each conference from the others. The list is relative with the current NBA standings which are not up for debate, but the path of each team is currently open for discussion. Feel free to let me know if you agree with my assessment, and if not please offer your own alternative suggestions as to where I may have erred. Please enjoy.Begin Slideshow


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