NBA Shocking Stocking Stuffer: Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers Grinched by Heat

Another year, another Christmas Day massacre in Los Angeles for the Lakers, to the tune of a 96-80 defeat.

Kobe Bryant looked slow. Pau Gasol looked weak. Ron Artest looked, well, like Ron Artest.

Meanwhile, LeBron James, with a triple-double, looked unstoppable. Dwyane Wade was a human pair of scissors, splitting double teams left and right for spectacular finishes and pinpoint passes. Chris Bosh looked, well, like Chris Bosh.

The Miami Heat found the "easy" button at Staples Center, because made it look like just that against a Lakers squad whose fans were scrambling for the panic button.

Phil Jackson was Zen, sitting stoically on the sideline as he always does, giving curt and vague answers to reporters.

Erik Spoelstra was intense, telling his team to keep the pedal to the metal.

Oh, and another storm is due in southern California, so the sky just might be falling.


A Christmas Day Collapse?

So the Heat will head home with some swagger to complement their fantastic talent, having put on a defensive clinic against the two-time defending champs, while the Lakers drive home for supper, with a second consecutive double-digit loss at home being anything but comfort food for a team that looks far from title-worthy at this point.

The loss to the Milwaukee Bucks was bad. This was something else.

LeBron and his Big Three buddies will get all the credit in the world for shutting down the NBA's fifth-most prolific offense, as they should.

Kobe and the softies will get a firm finger-wagging from Bill Plaschke and the rest of the LA sports media.

A fat lump of coal in Christmas Day, to be sure.


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