NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Offseason, Chris Bosh and Tracy McGrady?

Before you argue that Tracy McGrady is not the same player he once was, consider that exactly because of that he will not be paid the same money he once was paid.

Before you write, tell yourself it is impossible to pay these two players, plus Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant (this article assumes Chris Bosh is obtained via sign-and-trade).

Now let’s get to business.

The Los Angeles had a payroll of over $91 million in 2010-2011. That included large contracts to Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum. They also have Ron Artest and Lamar Odom making over $6 million a year.

So, how do they obtain two more players demanding big contracts?  You take advantage of a sign-and-trade deal with a team bound to lose their superstar.

There are plenty of rumors in Toronto and LA about a possible sign-and-trade deal that would bring All-Star forward Chris Bosh to Los Angeles in exchange for a package consisting of Andrew Bynum, Jordan Farmar, and/or Sasha Vujacic.

In this scenario, salaries almost match and would make it a relatively simple three-for-one deal.

This trade makes sense for both teams, since Toronto will receive a good player in Farmar, a solid bench scorer in Vujacic, and a dominant low-post presence that would allow Andrew Bargnani to play his true position of power forward.

For the Lakers, this provides yet another solid big man that stays healthy and is as consistent as they come.

Recent rumors have been around suggesting that Tracy McGrady is interested in signing with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Tracy McGrady has been in the league for a long time and understands that if his wish is granted, he will be playing a bench role as the sixth or seventh man.

That being said, he should also understand that any contract offer will come in that range.

We saw Ron Artest take less money to play in Los Angeles last year...

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