NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers & Miami Heat To Be “The Greatest” Ever?

The fact that ESPN is televising NBA preseason games should tell viewers one thing about the league this season:

It's as hyped as ever. 

Not even gaggles of preteen girls can scream louder for Twilight than NBA faithful are for October 26. The NBA season will tipoff and everything will be right with the sporting world.

Yes, baseball is currently the "wrong."

With a chance at a three-peat, a star-studded trio and a ton of realignment all leading the offseason headlines, players, analysts and fans have predicted the 2010-2011 season to be one of the best of all time.

But those are just the little guys' words. As of Thursday, the upcoming season got an endorsement from the Big Dog himself.

No, not DMX. David Stern.

Although DMX would be a good nickname for him, too.

The NBA commissioner told ESPN on Thursday before the Los Angeles Lakers played FC Barcelona that fans should expect to see "some of the greatest basketball ever played" this season. His insistence upon greatness is what makes him a top-notch head honcho.

Kudos. But this time, he might want to give some ego back to LeBron James, because everyone knows he needs more.

Oh, wait...

"Greatest basketball ever played" is a title reserved for the years of Jordan, the decades of Celtics greatness, and the Showtime Lakers. While it makes sense for Stern to promote his league, he's clearly begging a very pertinent question:

Will this season live up to the hype?

Can Kobe Bryant replicate MJ's two three-peats? Can the Miami Heat put its (and several millions of people in Vegas') money where its mouth is? Will players like Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul wind up making super teams elsewhere?

Seems like too much speculation, and not enough guarantees.

The one thing that stands out in the way of the NBA having what Stern called its "most...

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