NBA Rumors: Lakers Are Jodie Meeks’ Best Option by Far

The Los Angeles Lakers are always the best option.

According to the latest NBA rumors, free agent Jodie Meeks has a list of teams that he’s interested in signing with. If he was smart, though, he won't hesitate to sign with L.A.

Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld reported that Meeks talked about his options on the open market. He said:

I’ve gotten interest from the Lakers, Bucks and Wizards. There are five or six teams, but those three are at the forefront right now because I’ve been talking to them the most. I really like those teams and I like what they bring to the table. I’m looking forward to signing, whenever that may be.

First off, Los Angeles without a doubt gives Meeks the best chance to win a ring. But for a 24-year-old player, that may not be his No. 1 priority at this point in his career. Money is definitely on Meeks’ mind, and the Lakers would likely offer nothing more than the minimum salary.

That shouldn’t keep Meeks from pulling the trigger, though, even if the Bucks and Wizards’ offers trump the L.A.’s.

Why? Let’s take a look back at the Lakers’ history of transforming mediocre, unappreciated wings into sought-after talents.

The New York Knicks drafted Trevor Ariza in the middle of the second round. After four years in the NBA, he hadn’t proven that he deserved to be paid any more than a second-round pick. But then the Orlando Magic traded him to the Lakers.

A year-and-a-half later, the Houston Rockets were offering him a deal worth around $6.6 million a year.

When the Charlotte Bobcats traded Shannon Brown to the Lakers, he was making the league minimum. The combination of a Hollywood audience and his high-flying slam dunks turned Brown from a nobody to a fan favorite. Now, he’s making $3.5 million a year with the Phoenix Suns.

Meeks wo...

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