NBA Rumors: Kobe Bryant Must Have His Say in Any Lakers’ Roster Changes

Kobe Bryant believes the Los Angeles Lakers will adjust the roster soon, but before they do, the All-Star scoring machine has to give the team his input on any potential deals. 

After all, Kobe is the team. The Lakers go as far as he takes them, but they could go even farther if he had even more help, like perhaps a legitimate point guard. 

According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles, Kobe sees the Lakers making changes at some point. 

"I'm sure they'll do something," Bryant said. "They'll tweak something. I don't know what. But I'm sure they'll do something."

"They obviously tried to pull the trigger on a trade that they thought was going to improve our team with CP and it just didn't happen. But, that shows me that they're thinking in the right direction in terms of doing things to improve our ballclub. So that's why I'm not really tripping on it. We have to be patient and we have to make the right moves and I'm sure we will."

He went on to say how being patient is the key, so the team doesn't get stuck with bad players or bad contracts.

Kobe knows what he is talking about and that is exactly why he needs to have his say in any deals the Lakers make. 

Guards such as Gilbert Arenas, Ramon Sessions, Jonny Flynn, Steve Nash and Rajon Rondo have all been linked to the Lakers, but it's uncertain if a deal will ever go down. 

If the Lakers want to get back to the NBA Finals then they need to improve their depth, which means finding another point guard is key. 

Derek Fisher is no longer a viable option and Steve Blake isn't the right guy for the job either. When healthy, Blake can produce, but not at the level the Lakers truly need in order to win it all. 

Kobe doesn't have that many years left in the NBA, so he needs to tell his bosses who he'd like to have join hi...

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