NBA Rumors: Gilbert Arenas Not the Answer for Los Angeles Lakers

Gilbert Arenas would only distract the Los Angeles Lakers from their already uphill climb to the NBA Finals this season.

The 18-12 team has been through a lot this season with the Chris Paul rumors, Lamar Odom trade and more Pau Gasol trade rumors.  Reportedly, those Gasol rumors have taken quite a toll on Gasol himself.

Adding Arenas is simply not the answer, yet the team held a private workout for him the other day just to see what kind of physical form he was in.  The workouts were said to be productive for both sides, and now the Lakers have a decision on their hands.

It is no secret the Lakers need a point guard, as Derek Fisher and Steve Blake continue to be the team's weakness on occasion.  Arenas would help bolster that rotation, as well as add some consistent help scoring, assuming his positive workouts were actually a success.

However, Arenas' ego and star mentality is something the Lakers do not need, and they should not be entertaining the idea of acquiring him.

His 50-game suspension for bringing guns into the locker room is an example of such an ego and his audacity to shock the public.  Also, the fact that the Orlando Magic used their amnesty on him should say something.  

Arenas only averaged eight points per game with the Magic, but his past of putting up 20+ points per game is what still entices the Lakers.

Those days are gone, as are the days of seeing actual consistent production from him on the court.

The Lakers will have a hard enough time contending for the NBA Finals in the top-heavy Western Conference.  Doing that with another ego on the team would be a tall task.

Arenas' reputation will proceed him if he heads to Los Angeles, and the team will benefit nothing from that.

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