NBA Rumors: Chris Paul To The Lakers? Only If God Is Listening

Reports recently surfaced that Chris Paul has grown more frustrated with the uncertainty surrounding his New Orleans Hornets team. He is demanding a trade as soon as possible.

Paul's top choices are rumored to be the Los Angeles Lakers, the New York Knicks, and the Orlando Magic in that order, and if this is true Lakers' general manager Mitch Kupchak should drop everything and concentrate on getting a deal done.

Forget trying to bring Tracy McGrady into the Lakers' fold, because Paul could be the type of transitional player to bridge the gap when Kobe Bryant finally decides to hang up his sneakers.

Before dismissing this rumor as pure hearsay remember, this is not the first time Paul's name and the Lakers have been mentioned in the same sentence and Paul has previously publicly stated he wouldn't mind wearing the purple and gold.

Even though the Lakers' triangle offense is not predicated on the need for a true point guard Paul supercedes that thinking because he is considered one of the top two lead guards in the NBA.

His tremendous court vision would immediately upgrade an already lethal Lakers' attack, and there would be no shortage of players on the receiving end of his creative passes.

Paul's defense is not extraordinary, but his other talents overshadow that part of his game. So although he is not a shut-down defender Paul remains near the top of the NBA in steals because of his instincts in the passing lanes.

There are few players who can stay in front of Paul's dribble, and his penetration in the lane could make the Lakers' inside game even more formidable than it already is.

So what are the true chances of Paul actually being traded to the Lakers?

From the Lakers' point of view the salary cap is always a concern, and even more so since Los Angeles is already more than $20 million over the cap, and a deal for Paul would send that figure into the ...

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