NBA Rumors: 10 Things the Lakers Must Do to Hang With the Heat

Los Angeles Lakers’ owner Dr. Jerry Buss, and his General Manager, Mitch Kupchak, have created the NBA’s best franchise not by accident but from hard work and a commitment to winning. This summer’s offseason is no different. As in past summers, the Lakers continue not sitting pat but are making moves to better their championship team. All with the single goal of a three-peat. But, with all the talk of the “Super Team” now assembling in Miami, the Lakers must keep at least an eye on what the Heat are doing, and most importantly, how they matchup should the two teams meet for the championship next June. The Lakers did this exact thing last summer, with the signing of Ron Artest. That move was strictly a NBA Finals move. The Lakers’ management knew that a return to the Finals meant going up against a small forward with size. Dr. Buss and Kupchak looked at their roster and saw only Kobe Bryant and Trevor Ariza as capable defenders at that position. But the East had LeBron James and Paul Pierce. The Lakers needed size and therefore, made the Artest move. This summer, the Lakers continue to improve and make changes and now, must do so with the thought that they might see the Miami Heat in the Finals. So, what moves and what things should the Lakers do to compete with the Heat? Here are 10 suggestions. Begin Slideshow


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