NBA Report Cards: Predictions for Improvement or Regression for Each Team

The year 2010 is nearly in our rear-view mirrors and oh, what a year it was for basketball.

LeBron James and Chris Bosh moved teams in the most lively free agent period in memory, basketball in New York was rejuvenated, a lockout is looming and the Los Angeles Lakers grabbed another title, notching Kobe Bryant his fifth and Phil Jackson his 13th (as a player and coach).

The 2010-11 season started off with a much ballyhooed game between Boston and Miami that lived up to the hype, although it displayed a Heat team with holes. The Heat would go on to go 25-8 from there, while the Celtics would go on to fill out the rest of the year at 23-6. Not too shabby.

With the 2010 portion of the season over, we have a trade deadline still to come, which is sure to be ripe with player movement, and a playoff season that is sure to be one of the most watched ever.

The NBA is back in a big way, whether it is at the expense of a handful of teams or not, it cannot be denied that the NBA is booming as much as it has since the Michael Jordan years.

The 2011 portion of the season is sure to be just as exciting as the 2010 bit, and there is sure to be just as much to talk about.

With all of this excitement and anticipation, it seems necessary to take a look at the league, and make a few predictions about the league, so I'm going to look at every team, and predict an improvement or decline for each.

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