NBA Ratings Bonanza: Miami Heat-LA Lakers Finals Showdown Is a Lock

All U Can Heat

We may have to wait another nine plus months to see it, but rest assured that the Miami Heat will be playing the Los Angeles Lakers in next year's NBA Finals.

The NBA, for all its success,has never rebounded from Michael Jordan's retirement. The ratings/numbers from the "Airness" era have yet to be duplicated. Not even two Lakers versus Celtics series have managed to fix that.

Now, the league and Commissioner David Stern have to be frothing at the mouth.

This summers much ballyhooed free agency has ignited the flames of a potentially epic rivalry. All throughout sports sites and blogs the constant chatter has revolved around Kobe Bryant and the Lakers along with LeBron James and the Heat.

Who's got the better team? Who would win a seven game series? Does Miami have any roster support for the "Big Three"? Can Kobe keep up with the younger stars?

Don't think for a moment the NBA hasn't taken notice. These guys managed to keep Sacramento from ever making a Finals appearance. This is not to say that there is a definite fix in but don't be surprised if pivotal calls in the playoffs go Miami and L.A.'s way.

This is the one "golden egg" capable of bringing back the hype and hoopla. The kind of coverage and following that the Jordan led Bulls used to enjoy.

You would have the leagues three biggest names "on the same mother bleepin" court "at the same mother bleepin time." That by itself would be "Pie in the Sky" but there's even more to what could possibly make this the biggest spectacle in NBA history.

For starters you have all the publicity surrounding LeBron's "Decision." This has caused a tidal wave of publicity for the league. People on both ends of the spectrum have been bickering back and forth over Miami's chances. You've even had former NBA greats chiming in on the topic.

Then there's the whole Lakers versus Heat rivalry th...

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