NBA Rankings:Kobe Bryant And The ACTUAL Best NBA Scorers Ever: Minute By Minute

I recently read a good story on the greatest scorers in NBA history, but it was one man's opinion obviously.

There is an easy way to name the actual best scorers in NBA history.

There have been only 59 players in NBA who average(d) 20.0 ppg or more for their career (at least four seasons). I got the facts on all these 59 players and simply divided how many points they scored in their career by how many minutes they played.

This gives us how many points per minute the greatest scorers ever put in the scoring column.

This list is so great because it allows for no opinion or arguments. It just shows who the best scorers for their entire careers are.

Opinion on who are the best scorers ever are interesting, but the facts are even more interesting!

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