NBA Predictions: Who’ll Headline the 2011 All-Star Game, Kevin Durant or LBJ?

If you want to see NBA superstars, the NBA All-Star Game is not a bad place to go. 

On February 20th, Los Angeles will host the NBA's 60th annual All-Star Game.

Scheduled to be played in a city that can't get enough of its superstars and celebrities, which All-Star will shine brightest in Los Angeles? Will it be LeBron James? Kevin Durant? Or possibly someone else...

Less than two months ago, the entire world was held victim to the non-stop reports about LeBron James.

Did I say LeBron? I meant to say free agency.

No Freudian slip there... But let's be honest, it kind of does seem that he was the only one who was talked about. 

About a month after The Decision, (also know by this alias: The Most Boring Hour of Television Feat. LeBron James), the United States' basketball team traveled to Turkey to try and reclaim gold at the FIBA World Championships. 

"Young and inexperienced." The detractors and cynics said all that and more regarding the latest FIBA team.

Despite not having Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, or basically the entire 2008 Olympic team for that matter; the Americans were led by 21 year-old, NBA scoring champion, Kevin Durant.


Roughly two weeks after arriving in Istanbul, team USA found themselves donning the gold medal.

Result: Attention Shift.

After a historic performance at the World Championships, Durant elevated his name and put himself in a class with the NBA's elite.

Durant and James have been two of the hotter names this past summer, but which one of them will headline the NBA's 60th All-Star Game?

My Answer: Neither!

If we take a look at the last four All-Star Games, you see that both the East and West have won two games a piece.

Of the two games the Western Conference won (2007, 2009), Kobe Bryant w...

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