NBA Predictions 2011: A Breakdown of All the Big Stories

You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again: We’re in the midst of the most exciting NBA season of our lifetimes. I know I’m not the first person to tell you that...or the 100th, but I figured it was worth mentioning again anyway.

With the season tipping yesterday, I spent most of the day walking around in a semi-catatonic state, almost like a kid waiting around for the bell to ring on the last day of school.

I couldn’t hold down food. I was irritable. If I was a female I would’ve blamed it on cramps. But really, I just wanted the season to get going.

When it did, my buddies spent the entire Heat-Celtics game texting like teenage girls trying to make prom plans.

How does Boston look?

Why does Dwyane Wade look so angry? Is “500,” Shaq’s weight, or what his field goal percentage on uncontested dunks will be at the end of the year?

As much as I love my friends, I can barely get them to text me on a Friday night to make plans. To get them yapping like that on opening night of the NBA season is unheard of.

And having conversations with people, it’s just the Miami Mix Tape All-Stars who are getting everybody’s blood boiling. There are quite a few interesting teams, players, rookies and storylines to get us going.

Anyway, after talking to friends, reading a bunch of magazines, browsing the internet for the past few months and watching last night’s games, here is the AaronTorres-Sports NBA Preview, with a six-pack of my thoughts for the upcoming season.

It’s a day late, but hopefully unlike the Heat last night, I won’t be a dollar short.


(Because of length, this is just PART of the 2010-2011 NBA Preview. To read the rest on playoff sleepers, breakout candidates and who will be the 2011 NBA Champion, please CLICK HERE or visit

1. The Cavaliers Will Make...

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