NBA Power Rankings: Top 50 2010/11 Season Player Predictions

The 50 best players for last year treated NBA fans to some extraordinary basketball. Some seemingly came out of nowhere and others have held their distinction for years. This season should be no different.

With so much player movement this off-season and a talented rookie class set to take the NBA by storm, fans will have more than their fare share at selecting the best players in the game.

A lot of the old dogs of the league are still going strong, refusing to let the younger pups get a leg up on them, while others are declining at a rapid rate and look as if they’re content on fading with the wind.

Many of the younger guys look to further increase their positioning among the best in the game, while others will be looking to race up the ladder of the NBA hierarchy, though some will fail miserably.  

I expect more of the younger generation (seven or fewer seasons) to crack into the prestigious group of “50 Best Players,” especially those from the past two draft classes. The talents they possess and have displayed are what will carry this league into another great decade of basketball.

I also expect this new influx of talent to push a lot of the older stars to rededicate themselves to their craft.

But the biggest factor in all this may be the team down south, South Beach that is. If these players don’t want to see the Miami Heat dominate next season or the next five or six, they better bring their A-games. This added motivation will only bring about the best the NBA has to offer.

So out with the old and in with the new, here are the potential 50 best rankings come the end of the 2010-2011 NBA season.

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