NBA Power Rankings: The Ultimate All-Time Ranking Of Every NBA Franchise

On November 1, 1946, the New York Knickerbockers defeated the hometown Toronto Huskies in the first game in the history of the NBA. Since then over 50,000 NBA games have been played. There have been over 10 million points scored, 5 million rebounds grabbed, and over 2 million assists dished. Readers, that's a lot of basketball.

Some teams have fared well, and some not so much. Some have achieved remarkably much a short period of time, others have achieved remarkably little in spite of having played for many seasons.The following slide show is a ranking of all 30 teams according to their success. 

In determining the rankings I considered two things. First, I took into consideration total accomplishments. Second, I took into consideration the frequency of success. Six playoff appearances can be either good or bad. If you've been around for 40 years, that's bad. If you've been around for six years it's pretty good. I considered both factors evenly. 

I took into account, how many winning seasons they had, division championships, playoff appearances, conference championship, and of course rings. I weighted the achievements accordingly. The results are following. 

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