NBA Power Rankings: The 25 Hottest Fans Wearing Basketball Jerseys

It can be frustrating when your girlfriend spends more than two hours getting ready to go out. She looks and smells good but an hour or two of your life is gone. Who knows what ladies are doing up there. How many kinds of lotion do they have? What is the difference between lotion and moisturizer? How many different outfits do they try on? What is the solution to all of this? Here are two possible solutions:

1. Buy her a new outfit every time she wants to go out. It doesn't leave her any option but it is expensive.

2. Buy her a jersey of your favorite sports team and take her to that team's games. It is much more entertaining for you but probably won't work.

In summary, no solution exists to hurry you girlfriend's routine unless she's a fan of sports.

Here is a list of women who know how wear an NBA jersey.

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