NBA Power Rankings: Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and The 50 Best Players in the NBA

When talking about the best players in the NBA. Folks far too often refer to past accomplishments as if they are the end all discussion to what’s really the truth. People also have the bad habit of talking about what a player will one day be able to do.

It’s as if people chose to ignore what’s presently in front of them.

Most fans and Media personalities don’t even watch players or teams that they don’t consider relevant. So how can one accurately gage who’s better than whom?

Opinions are still matter how you want to dress them up. The only thing that gives credibility to an opinion is reasonable logic set upon an equal foundation.

Simply put. Don't speak on things you aren't familiar with. 

There’s no logic in arguing about what player is better than the next if you haven’t devoted equal amount of attention to both players. It’s just not a reasonable notion.

People owe it to themselves, the players and the game itself to try and watch each player as much as possible. And until one does, he need not engage in certain discussion of basketball.


Premises For This Article

The basis for this article is not to discuss the greatness (career achievements) of a player. The premises for the article is to discuss the top players in the game based on their current abilities.

What a player did five years ago isn’t important if he isn’t doing the same thing today. If you’re going to bring up an 81 point game and speak in terms as if it’s being achieved on a regular occurrence, then you’re truly as dumb as this article suggest.

Potential is also a word thrown around carelessly. You cannot use the expectations of what a player may become to put him over a player who’s already achieved levels of skill and success that he hasn&rsqu...

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