NBA Power Rankings: Can Any Team’s Starting Five Best the L.A. Lakers?

Now that the free-agent storm has largely died down (sorry, Allen Iverson), the NBA's landscape looks radically different than it did a few months ago.  Cleveland and Toronto may hate basketball forever now, while the Miami Heat will have the biggest sports bandwagon outside of the New York Yankees. 

One thing's remained consistent, though: With Kobe Bryant on their side, the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers are still the team to beat.

The Lakers assembled the best starting five in the NBA this past season, prayed their bench could come together when it counted, and eked out a championship over the Celtics largely by virtue of their starters.

So, with the new super team down in Miami, do the Lakers still have the best starting five in the NBA?  Or is the newest L.A. dynasty—that of the Kobe and Pau Gasol era—about to meet its premature end this coming season?

Here's one man's ranking of every NBA team's projected starting five, from worst to best.

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