NBA Power Rankings: Andrew Bynum and the 10 Most Underrated Players in the Game

Andrew Bynum was key as the Los Angeles Lakers crushed the Orlando Magic last night.  He grabbed 18 rebounds, scored 10 points and blocked four shots.

He's been playing extremely well lately, but with the Lakers, all we ever hear about is Kobe Bryant.

Kris Humphries has been one of the most dominant power forwards in the NBA over the last few weeks, but you wouldn't know it by watching ESPN.

Kevin Martin has been one of the league's most efficient scorers over the last few years.  Again, you don't hear about him much.

The NBA has the best athletes in the world.  It's loaded with talent.  With all those great players, it's easy to see how some don't get the attention they deserve.

This slideshow will rank the most underrated players in the NBA.  Keep in mind, these guys are being ranked on who is the most underrated, not who is the best overall player.

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