NBA Power Ranking: Pau Gasol, Tim Duncan & the Top 10 Most Fundamental Bigs Ever

It’s all fundamental, what makes the most complete players of all time on the offensive end. They have to excel in all aspects of the game.

Last week, I went with looking at the most fundamental perimeter players of all time. While it was highly debated, most everyone agreed to the list, not the order. Check that article out here.

But, the overwhelming cry that was repeated over and over again was this: where was The Big Fundamental?

Well, that article was about perimeter players who excelled in ALL aspects offensively.  Bigs don’t shoot threes (well, except Duncan against Phoenix in the playoffs).

Now, here’s our chance to look at the most fundamental bigs of all time.

Let’s set the table first. This won’t be about defense, so don’t wank about your guy not being here when we’re only talking on the offensive side of things.

Here’s the criteria:

- Post game.

- Face up game and drive.

- Face up game and shoot mid-range jumper. We’ll call this one accuracy from inside, say, 18 feet.

- Offensive rebounding.

- Free Throws. (This will eliminate Shaq right out the gate, so no whining on that.)

And, just to clarify, just like my other article, this will NOT have any perimeter guys, no guards or guys who play the 3 spot. Don’t talk about MJ, Kobe, etc. Wrong list. (Check that article out here.)

In in today’s NBA, the players that excel in all four areas are a dying breed. We can count them on one hand. But, who in the past possessed all these?

Here's the Top 10 Most Fundamental Bigs of All Time.

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