NBA: Potential Los Angeles Lakers vs. the San Antonio Spurs Match-Up

With the All-Star break almost here, time to look ahead towards the postseason, with one of several potential Western Conference match-ups very well being against the currently red hot San Antonio Spurs. Over the last six years, the Spurs now hold a 11-9 edge on the Lakers, however, in the 2007-08 Conference Finals, the Lakers won in fashion, 4-1 to face the Boston Celtics in the finals.

The Spurs currently hold the top ranking in the Western Conference, with a 46-9 record and have two crucial wins over the Los Angeles Lakers. Between both meetings this season, the Lakers averaged 88 points compared to the Spurs' 93. In both games, Bryant averaged 18.3 points a game, while Tony Parker averaged 22 points per game.

The Spurs won the critical turnover battle in the first game, however, both teams tied in game two. Poor ball handling has been somewhat of a problem for the Lakers, and if a third straight title is to be won, they will need to work on cleaning up the little things. And while it may come as of a surprise, in both games Ron Artest scored double digits, compared to what has been a weak scoring period so far for the sophomore Laker.

Tim Duncan averaged five points between the two contests, remarkably low considering he's at 13.4 on the season, so something was done right here. That defense will be required again if the Lakers should meet the Spurs in the postseason and look to advance onwards.

Andrew Bynum had a double-double in the second meeting and scored in double digits the first time around coming off the bench. So far he has good nights, all right and then lackluster nights. Finding that right groove has been tough for the five-year player, however, his knee has held strong so far which is good news.

While the Lakers lost both games, they averaged 38.9 percent shooting compared to the Spurs 41.8 percent and won the free-throw percentage both times and are currently averaging more than the rest of the league in both sta...

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