NBA Playoffs: Preview & Prediction: L.A. Lakers Vs Oklahoma City Thunder


L.A. Lakers


Oklahoma City Thunder

Season Series: Lakers 3-1

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NBA Playoffs - Round One - Previews and Predictions

The defending champions the Los Angeles Lakers  are in a much better position than I've noted the Penguins are in my NHL write-up. To be the champs, you have to beat the champs and in the NHL, the 'Road to the Cup' goes through Washington where as the Lakers havesecured the #1 spot in the West and will make any opponent in the West have to steal a game in Staples Center which is not an easy thing to do (the Lakers are 34-7 on their home court).

Not only do they have the best player in the game in Kobe Bryant, but the Lakers in recent years have done the best job at surrounding Kobe with star-players, giving Kobe the chance to win when it matters most.

Last year, all critics were pushed aside and Bryant was able to win the title without Shaquelle O'Neil at his side. Yes, he had big dominant Pau Gasol, who averages 18 plus points per game while averaging a double-double with over 11 boards. That is how you win championships, by getting the most consistent players in the league and pairing them with the most talented.

The Lakers were able to keep Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom (who are both just shy of double-doubles), while adding defensive specialist Ron Artest to shut down the opposing teams star and let Kobe focus on what Kobe does best... score points. The scariest part about the Lakers is that Bryum comes off the bench and their 5th starter is Derek Fisher, and if you are familiar with basketball what-so-ever, you know he and Robert Horry are two of the most clutch veteran players you could ask to have on your team (Horry is now retired and works for ESPN as a commentator).

Kobe and Bynum are both banged up (Kobe ...

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