NBA Playoffs Predictions: 10 Reasons Why the LA Lakers Won’t Repeat

I can feel the venom coming from Laker fans already. I've followed the Clippers all year, don't hate; haven't I been through enough? Truth is, I am a basketball fan first and foremost, but cut my teeth on the Lakers. A good friend of mine was pals with Michael Cooper in the 80's. He would spend time after the games in the locker-room; I would get to hang out with the Laker wives, girlfriends and, um, significant others. Good times. I was in the front row in the Forum parking lot for a celebration after one of the championships the purple and gold won in the 80's. Chick Hearn hosted the festivities. The parties back then went on with less people but no less excitement. Great times. I can admit now, with the season winding down, that I am a Laker fan. As a matter of fact, my Laker loving daughter still drops hints about disowning me after I told her I was covering the Clippers this year. She still came with me to all those Clipper games though! I say all that to, in a way, justify my opinion. I don't hate the Lakers, I'm not a Kobe basher; nothing would make me happier than to see this team repeat. Sadly, there are ten reasons why it won't happen. It's with a heavy heart I present them to you here. Be gentle Laker fans, remember, I'm one of you.Begin Slideshow


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