NBA Playoffs: Lakers Look Finals-Bound; Is There Still Time For Suns?


As much as I hate to admit it, the LA Lakers appear to be Finals-bound once again.

I don’t want to suggest that anyone is just handing LA the title—but with the number of blowouts the Lakers have had, most of this postseason has been a cakewalk for Kobe Bryant and company.

What next?

Is there still time for the Suns to regroup and retie the series when the two teams meet in Phoenix this weekend?

Sure, it could happen.

Oklahoma City did it, but can it occur again?

It appears as though most of the Lakers have learned hard lessons in their minimal defeats, gaining a lead and never letting go until the final buzzer.

Maybe Phil Jackson is a decent coach after all.

Maybe Bryant is a better leader than I make him out to be.

Or maybe LA’s competition has yet to truly show up.

Whatever the case might be, here’s reality: the Lakers are two games—and two wins—away from returning to the NBA Finals.

Phoenix better wake up—and fast—if they want to make this an entertaining and exciting Western Conference Finals.

They are down 2-0 with their backs against the wall, but it’s a deficit that can be overcome.

The Suns must win at home.

They must focus on defense.

And they must stop Kobe Bryant at all costs.

Otherwise, Phoenix can kiss its postseason goodbye and can begin reserving tee-times at the local golf course.

The Lakers look good right now, there’s no doubt about it.

But the series isn’t over yet.

And the NBA Finals have yet to even begin.

Let’s just take this one game at a time from here on out…



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