NBA Playoffs: Forget Lebron James, The Focus Is On Kobe And L.A.

Someone stop the Lebron James free agency whirlwind. Right now.

Another storyline needs attention. It may be history, and the James’ free agency saga is overshadowing it.

The L.A. Lakers are reigning champions of the NBA and are rolling in the Western Conference Finals.

In Game One of their series with the Suns, the Lakers dominated. It looked as though they could not be stopped tonight.

Kobe Bryant poured in 40 points. The Lakers won by 21, 128-107.

It is a scoreline that would favor the Suns. The Suns were never really in the game, thanks to Bryant.

Kobe is doing what Lebron critics want James to do.

Maybe those critics should take some time off Lebron, and watch Kobe. They may realize that Bryant is narrowing the gap that separates Kobe from the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

Tonight, he looked like Mike.

Bryant knocked down shots at will and led the Lakers with his trademark athleticism, alongside teammates who are playing at a high level as well.

Pao Gasol scored 21 points, while Lamar Odom contributed 19 points to go with 19 rebounds. This was a demonstration of the Lakers playing as a team as much as it was Kobe’s big night.

But Kobe’s 40 points certainly did nothing to hurt the Lakers’ chances.

There was one point in the game, where L.A. had the ball with the shot clock winding down. It looked like a brick was forthcoming, or a shot clock violation, but then Kobe received the ball, and with an athletic leap, he dropped a dagger.

The Suns had to be thinking, “Really?”, because there was nothing that could be done.

He made the game look easy. It goes to show that, man, when he is on…oh, he is on. There is not much that can be done.

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