NBA Playoffs 2012: Los Angeles Lakers Coach Mike Brown Must Go

The 2012 NBA Playoffs have led to more debates and more discussions than any other year in recent memory. The shortened regular season undoubtedly gave a distinct advantage to teams with consistency and youth.

Teams like the Spurs and Celtics used their veteran leadership and coaching experience to carry them to the playoffs, while the Thunder and the  Pacers played competitive night-in and night-out led by the league's young stars.

The biggest question is, where do the Los Angeles Lakers stand?

Two years removed from their last title, the once dominant Lakers now look weaker than ever. There are so many possibilities and scenarios for the 2012-2013 Lakers roster, but that's far from where the real problem lies.

The first move must be to rid of Coach Mike Brown. Yes, some will say that it was only his first year, and in a short season with no training camp he deserves another chance. After all, following the legend who is Phil Jackson is no easy task. But this series showed more than ever why Brown must go.

After a diabolical performance in Game 1, the Lakers came out strong in Game 2, playing strong on the road until the final minutes. But then came the first of many collapses this series. The Lakers had an opportunity to steal home-court from the Thunder and return to Staples Center with a chance to take a lead and control the series.

Instead, they not only lost the game, but also lost a chance to rattle the confidence of the young Thunder. But that is far from the problem. The Lakers froze up on offense and couldn't do anything to stop the Thunder on defense.

Fast forward to Game 4. Down 2-1, following a fantastic performance by Kobe and Bynum on the free-throw line in Game 3, the Lakers opened up Game 4 in phenomenal fashion. But they never could take the game to the next level. They allowed the Thunder to stay close throughout, and ultimately overtake the Lakers once a...

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