NBA Playoffs 2012: Kobe Bryant and Los Angeles Lakers’ Quest for Title 17 Begins

Every so often, out of nowhere, Kobe Bryant will surprise everyone and tell us exactly what he’s thinking.  Or what was really going on.

Typically, during the playoffs, Bryant’s answers are brusque and his comments are terse.  It’s not really a time for chit chat or reflection. 

The Lakers' playoffs are their own season here in Los Angeles. 

And when they roll around, Bryant is all business.  It’s championship or bust for this organization. 

And then out of the blue, amazingly, Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski publishes this riveting piece about the Mamba. 

This is required reading for any Lakers fan.  It’s short.  I’ll wait.


I have been cautiously optimistic during this first round of the playoffs.  I have also been waiting for the other shoe to drop.   Perhaps I’m still gun-shy from the meltdown last year.

With all the new personnel, new coaching staff and another year of mileage on No. 24, how far can this team really go?

Well, the Lakers set the tone with their opening game at Staples on Sunday against the visiting Denver Nuggets (103-88 and free tacos!!).

The Lakers came out with a focus and determination I have not seen from them since the 2010 playoffs where they refused to lose to the Boston Celtics.  The Lakers played a smart, disciplined game. 

They didn’t try to do too much and even though Kobe had a rough 2-10 first half, they stuck to the game plan.  Which basically boiled down to Andrew Bynum (with apologies to Marshawn Lynch) going into full beast mode. 

The result:  a triple double for Bynum.   To say nothing of a fan base that looked at one another thinking….maybe this is all coming together at the right time?

You can’t imagine the jubilation i...

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