NBA Playoffs 2011: Ongoing Problems May Spell Early Exit for LA Lakers

As a basketball fan from LA who actually knows about the game and has done quite well in foreseeing what eventually happens before it does, I appreciate the opposition even more when so many of the “hardcore”  viewers are still so wrong.

Last year, the only thing I got wrong was LeBron quitting. I didn’t know he would go out like that big of a you-know-what. I mean I already knew he was weak but to do that was sensational.

As LA lost Game 2 to Boston, I thought it was almost over. Game 6 was predictable by the dumbest of people. Game 7 would have been Boston’s if Kendrick Perkins had been healthy.

I am a Lakers fan. There are not only many haters but people who become annoyed that LA has lots of supposed "frontrunner" fans, but that is unfair. There are a huge number of real Lakers fans. It’s just ridiculous to say that because they are good they cannot have fans.

These fools need not look further than down the hallway to see the biggest bandwagon base of this season: the Clippers. Blake Griffin is great, but why is there so much attention on them? They still suck. The Heat have a lot more fans. LeBron’s jersey is the highest selling. C’mon now.

The point is: why do people mock and become upset with Lakers and Yankees fans when they just happened to have been born in a winning sports city? It’s not their fault they were brought up there. It’s not their fault you were born elsewhere. It’s too funny to me.

I’m a smart, loving, serious, honest and critical fan. I am most critical of my own teams. I hate the Celtics because they are the Celtics. But since these morons put LeBron on his perch and he led the Cavaliers to the best record in the East, I’ve grown fond of Boston’s mindset. KG is the biggest of jerks but his leadership of that team is incredible. They are so tough and physical and their mentality mirrors the...

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