NBA Playoffs 2011: Los Angeles Lakers: The Switch Is On, the Electricity Is Low

Did anyone see this coming? 

Here the Los Angeles Lakers are, down two games—not to the Portland Trailblazers—but to Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks. 

Worst of all, these games were played in the Staples Center.

In Game 1, the Lakers gave up a double digit fourth quarter lead and watched the Mavericks steal a victory they didn't really deserve. 

In Game 2, the Lakers were blown out of their own gym. 

Most people are saying the Lakers are not flipping the switch, they are underestimating their opponent again and are playing uninspired basketball. While these may be trendy arguments, it's simply not the case. 

The Lakers are down two games, because the Mavericks—as of right now—have much better pieces.

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