NBA Opening Week’s 13 Signs: Los Angeles Lakers’ Title Defense in Jeopardy

Since it’s inception 62 years ago, the NBA has been electrifying basketball fans across the country… and why not?  It is after all, an exciting league where amazing begins. 

During this time, two teams have dominated the NBA like no other teams in any other sport, with the exception of the NHL’s Montreal Canadians and MLB’s New York Yankees.

The Boston Celtics have an astounding 17 championship banners hanging from their rafters, while the L.A. Lakers have 16.  These two powerhouses have produced a combined 33 titles in 62 years leaving the rest of the league in the third world.

If the defending champion Lakers are able to win again this year, it will not only mark their 2nd three-peat victory with Kobe-Wan Kenobi and company, but it will also signify a tie in the all time championships category with the Celtics at 17 apiece.

It would be an understatement to say that there is a lot at stake for both these franchises this year, but can the Lakers really win again and match Boston’s championship dominance title for title?  They have 5 superstars in their primes or close to it in Pau Gasol, Lemar Odom, Ron Artest, and Kobe-Wan Kenobi. 

This is truly a Big 5 that can execute defensive thrashings together with offensive explosions.  Compare this arsenal to the Miami Heat’s Big 3, whom are also still in their primes and the Boston Celtics Big 3, whose prime years have been left behind in the Jurassic period.

Based upon the NBA's opening week and the Lakers solid 4-0 record, one could assume that it is difficult to establish an argument against the defending champions so early in the season, but not so fast. 

There has been a dramatic change to the landscape of the NBA going into this season, and the enemies are waiting at the gate.  These provocateurs are bigger in their numbers, stronger than their former selves,...

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