NBA Moves: Why a Lakers’ Trade for the Magic’s Dwight Howard Makes Sense

Let’s face the facts. Barring an unforeseeable spell cast by the Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard will have a new name on the front of his jersey come the 2012-2013 season. 

Numerous reports have shown interest from both the L.A. Lakers' and Magic’s head offices regarding a trade featuring Andrew Bynum and Howard. Obviously, and understandably, the prospect of swapping bigs has drawn more notice from the Lakers, as they are the organization that has the most to gain from the potential blockbuster deal. The Magic may not want to give up their perennial all-star, but then again, they may not have a choice. 

There have been multiple, futile attempts to bring in a suitable supporting cast for “Superman.” The Vince Carter and Gilbert Arenas experiments have both failed miserably, and the resulting Magic’s roster is extremely point guard heavy and lacking a sidekick for the three time Defensive Player of the Year. 

That being said, in a situation where the Magic are being backed into a dark corner, a consolation prize in the form of Bynum might be enough to convince a move from their current superstar center to a new one. 

According to ESPN’s #NBArank, there are three centers currently better than the Lakers’ big  Bynum: Joakim Noah, Marc Gasol, and Dwight Howard.

Noah has been a cornerstone for the Bulls’ franchise for the past two seasons and compliments Derrick Rose well. Considering Gasol’s emergence in the playoffs this postseason, it’s safe to say that the Grizzlies will not be putting his name on the trading block anytime soon either. 

It seems that Andrew Bynum, combining the facts that he is both on the market and a top five center in the league, fits the bill. 





Bynum has star potential, experience, and, above ...

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