NBA Legends: Shaq’s 17 Greatest Games

Probably because he is the oldest player in the entire NBA now, young fans often dismiss Shaquille O'Neal's greatness. However, it is a mistake to consider any player of the past 18 years as being greater than Shaq.

In fact, O'Neal is the most dominant player of the past 18 years and is tied only with Tim Duncan with three Finals MVP awards. 

Shaq was THE man in LA's three-peat from 2000 to 2002. In 2006 he played second fiddle to Wade in the Finals, but they would not have been there without him.

O'Neal has scored more points than any active player with over 28,000 and up until now, he has been basically unstoppable since his rookie year in 1992-93.

It is a testament to his awesome athleticism and intimidation factor that he was playing in the NBA in 1992 and now in 2011, he is on the East's best team so far.

It is a travesty how NBA fans process greatness in 2011, but here we will study Shaq's 17 greatest NBA games ever and we will see what the man accomplished and how easily we forget. 

Hype is one thing, but Shaq has always been unstoppable. 

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