NBA Free Agents 2012: Lakers Would Have Nothing to Lose with Brandon Roy

The Los Angeles Lakers need to seriously consider bringing in free agent Brandon Roy for the 2012-2013 NBA season. 

According to ESPN's Chris Palmer, via Twitter: 

Someone who could help the Lakers: Brandon Roy. Based on what I'm told he could be back in the league next year.

— chris palmer (@ESPNChrisPalmer) May 31, 2012  

We all know that Roy retired from the NBA due to a degenerative knee issue. ESPN reported on the story back in December 2011, when Roy said, "I love the game, I love the Portland Trail Blazers and I love our fans, but after consulting with my doctors, I will seek a determination that I've suffered a career ending injury, pursuant to the rules of the collective bargaining agreement."

Apparently, Roy has changed his tune. He must have had a recent breakthrough that gives him hope he can rejuvenate his career.

If the Lakers were to acquire Roy, he'd be signed at a significant discount, to be sure. He wouldn't be asked to put in a ton of minutes, either. And if there's any chance at all he can play at a high level for 15 minutes a night, he'd be a tremendous boon for the Lakers.

They don't have anything to lose by signing him to an incentive-based contract. The worst thing that could happen is that he ends up retiring for a second time if his knees once again fail him. But if they draft the contract correctly, the Lakers would essentially be on the hook for very little in that case.

The best thing that could happen is that Roy's knees are actually on the mend, and he comes off the bench to score 10 points a game for the Lakers next season. 

Roy was a natural scorer. If he's healthy enough to play, the Lakers shouldn't hesitate to sign him to a vet-minimum contract. They need the firepower off the bench. 

Kobe Bryant evidently has mad respect for Roy, too, per ...

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