NBA Free Agents 2010: Why Chris Paul and the Lakers Shouldn’t Happen

According to Yahoo! Sports sources, Chris Paul wants out out of New Orleans. 

New Orleans brass had allegedly promised Paul that the roster would be upgraded to improve his chances of contending for an NBA championship. 

Needless to say, New Orleans has done an excellent job upgrading the Hornets' roster this off-season, and the Hornets are poised to look like a Western Conference contender next year. So Chris Paul wants out.

Compared to the stink LeBron left in Cleveland, I'm all for Chris Paul demanding a trade from New Orleans.  What makes him different from LeBron is that New Orleans (maybe you've heard) won a freakin' Super Bowl this year! 

So aside from the fact that the Saints are an elite football team, New Orleans is a huge football city.  Cleveland...well. I have a bad feeling LeBron will announce "The Retirement" before any Cleveland team wins a championship.

The priceless headline this morning?  "LeBron Gives Paul Blessing to Seek Trade."  I didn't even read the article; did anyone else imagine LeBron in a pimped-out Vito Corleone get-up, stroking a cat, wearing a tuxedo, with a greasy 'stache and a cane leaning against his desk?  All he's missing is a giant, gaudy ring on his pinkie.  Oops.

People are saying Chris Paul might come to the Lakers-- I'm going to give you three quick reasons why that won't work. 

1.)  The Lakers don't play Paul's brand of basketball.  They have two 7-footers.  TWO!  And they both freakin' start!  The triangle offense does not require a true point guard, just a guy who can get open and hit threes (stares at Steve Blake and Derek Fisher).  The Lakers roster is good as it is to be a contender.  To add Paul would require that...

2.)  The Lakers would have to give up too much.  Who the hell would they trade?  Bynum?  L.O.?  Fi...

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