NBA Free Agents 2010: Are Mike Miller and Kyle Korver on Lakers’ Radar?

ESPN recently reported that Mike Miller of the Washington Wizards and Kyle Korver of the Utah Jazz could be possible free agent targets for the Los Angeles Lakers in the coming weeks.

Both players are unrestricted free agents, but Miller's versatility would be a better fit for the Lakers if they are contemplating adding one of the two players.

Miller and Korver are deadly perimeter shooters, but Korver's value is basically limited to that aspect, while Miller has worth as a secondary ball-handler, and he is a decent defender as well.

Korver's limited defensive range makes him a liability most times he is on the court, and even though he is capable of scoring points in bunches, as he did against the Lakers in a playoff game in Utah, he is just as likely to give up as many on the defensive end.

Miller is bigger than Korver, stronger, and has a comparable career shooting percentage from the field and three point line. His versatility makes him a better fit for the complex triangle offense.

The Lakers are denying rumors that they offered Miller a five-year, $30 million dollar contract, but it seems pretty obvious that Los Angeles is in discussions especially since Jordan Farmar opted out of his contract.

Farmar had a $2.8 million dollar option which he declined, and there has been speculation that he wants a fresh start with a new team in another city.

Farmar's impending departure makes the need for filling space in the back court imperative, and with the lack of quality, affordable point guards in this year's free agent class Miller is a good fit.

Steve Blake and Raymond Felton are two point guards the Lakers might consider, but Felton's price may be too high and his jump shot is not dependable, while Miller can do all the things Blake can, and he's bigger too.

With Phil Jackson announcing his return to the Lakers' bench for one final season, the lack of a qual...

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