NBA Free Agent Rumors: LeBron James to LA? Pending Questions for Lakers

J.A. Adande, what are you talking about? The sports columnist subtly mentioned on ESPN that he spoke with a general manager who said not to "rule out the Lakers for anything short of LeBron James..." At first, it sounds like he's saying that the Lakers are eyeing LeBron in a yellow and purple jersey. Now, as ridiculous, far-fetched, (you fill in the blank) as that may sound, let's not close the gate too early. Yet, a reader kindly pointed out that I misunderstood J.A. What J.A. must have meant to say was that the Lakers can be in the mix of landing one of the big-named free agents this summer. Does that still include LeBron James? (Considering the Lakers' cap space, and Buss wanting to shed dollars, I highly doubt it). Let's not let the LeBron-Laker ordeal be the main focus for our 2010 NBA champions. The idea of LeBron to the Lakers just adds onto the list of questions that surround the Lakers in the offseason. Let's take a look at some of those big question marks. NOTE: Correction made June 22, 2010.Begin Slideshow


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